Providing Secure Enclosed Transport Services

Having over 8 years of experience, I know that some vehicles are more susceptible to the elements. There are also cars that you should never just openly transport across the country. That’s why Zach of Haul provides enclosed transport services for your vehicle, whether it’s a classic, newly bought, or luxury car.

If you choose to have your vehicle be shipped in one of my 18-feet enclosed transport trailers, I will make sure to give your car the time, care, and attention needed so it will arrive to you safely. On overnight transports, I make sure to sleep in the cab with your vehicle to ensure its safety and security.

For added security, my transport services come with a standard load insurance of $275,000 of coverage. Additional insurance can be purchased if needed. 

I offer flat-rate pricing for shipping within 100 miles. There will be an additional charge per mile for those who would reach more than 100 miles, depending on the vehicle type and distance covered.